Bitter Truth – no one remembers your catchy, simple, user-friendly, awesomest website on internet by its name. If it doesn’t appear on search engine, it doesn’t exist. Accept that.

Step aside… Iraq Page comes to the rescue.

After developing your state-of-the-art software, you need to submit it to search engines. Because, when your potential customer googles (damn it spell checker, it IS a word) for the kind of service you provide, its very important for him (read you) to land on your webpage in order to engage. When he does that, you carry it forward from there, but to make him land there is our job. And just submitting their is not going to make it happen, unless you want to be at 9934928193893321 rank.

Search Engines rank websites which appear relevant and trusted. This decision is made by bots which crawl the web when you sleep. Search Engine Optimization is a series of techniques to make a website more search engine friendly so that it ranks better in search results. Its done by writing relevant content, link exchange, building back-links from high PR websites, out bound links, getting better alexa ranks, PA/DA scores, sharing of Social Media Websites, yada, yada, yada. Now that you know it, you can do it yourself or ask us. Our SEO ninjas would be happy to serve you and make your webpage rank better.

We have an addiction of providing quality services and we can’t help it. We do that by making your requirement undergo a specific process which helps us in setting an execution plan. As all websites have different niche, so they need to be assessed to the very bits. Then a plan is laid down by leveraging our experience. We then stick to the plan and execute while keeping you informed of the milestones completed. We don’t leave you after moving things around, we track and analyze results to ensure return on investment. After that we party.