Joomla is the second most famous Open Source and free Content Management System in current market. Joomla, written in PHP, sports Object Oriented Programming techniques and all major databases are supported according to version. Apart from its greatness and simplicity it also has many features like page caching, polls, RSS feeds and so on.

Big players are fan of Joomla, don’t trust us but brands like Kellogs and Pizza Hut. Lenoardo Di Caprio can also vouch for Joomla.

Joomla is meant for developers who don’t build stuff by experimenting but know exactly to bits what they want to do. Joomla developer team at Iraq Page make good use of mere ‘6000’ extensions in Joomla’s arsenal to build stuff that make our clients go wow.

Joomla mainly focuses on small business as you can get really cheap deals with Joomla in comparison to other CMSs with almost same performance and reliability. Whether its integrating or upgrading Joomla, our developers take the whole process to next level.