Iraq Page is bound to satisfy their clients one way or the other. If you don’t like open source custom management systems like WordPress, ask us to develop a custom CMS tailored according to your needs. This custom CMS will not have useless modules, you will get what you want, or as one of our CMS ninja puts it- what you want is what you get.

Custom CMS is recommended for those who want full control of their application and like to customize it to nasty levels. It can be done for simple web applications to really complex frameworks. Custom CMS offers endless opportunities for developer so it’s totally on you what you can make out of it.

Apart from flexibility, security also is a major advantage in developing custom CMS because no one has access to it. In open source CMS, you get maximum possible access but restrictions always pop up. Our packages are affordable in order to fit needs of small and medium sized enterprises to offer complete benefit without burning a hole in your pocket.

Almost all types of websites are possible with custom CMS, to name a few:

  • Business websites
  • Branding/Marketing micro sites
  • Corporate websites
  • Personal Pages
  • Custom Applications

If you still crave for WYSIYG editors and famous CMSs are your thing (heart wants what the heart wants, right?), our team would be happy to help you in choosing the perfect CMS according to your requirements (after they finish booing custom CMS guys).